Vater: Carpenny Scenario

Carpenny Scenario

Rockledge   Wordsmith   of   Carpenny

Carpenny Walpole

Hawksmoors   Webster

Covetwood Elouise of Carpenny

Rockledge   Bramble

Trendmaker’s   Mugwump

Rockledgle   Mint Juled

Carpenny   Whist

Hawksmoors   Webster

Dickendall   Arnold

Hawksmoors   Ravens Flight

Carpenny   Rustina

Kamrats   Rustibus

Covetwood   Elouise   of   Carpenny

Toopines Just so: It’s Nura

Glenmore   Golden Rover

Poolstead   Part and   Parcel

Poolstead   Pipe Smoker

Poolstedad   Pin-Feather

Dream   Ey’s   Larissa

Glenmore   Latin-Lover

Dream   Ey’s   Farytale-Fary

Toopines Parker’s Honey Moon

Poolstead   Parker

Hawksmoors   Webster

Poolstead   Polka

Toopines Good Morining Miss Shirley

Friendly   Falk v.d.   Rumi

Toopines   Winter’s   Memory


Mutter: Toopines Just so: It's Nura